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If you're looking specifically for the most business oriented web hosting, with extra attention to company needs and e-commerce funtionality, check out our collection of top business hosts. Business web hosts usually also offer the most advanced scripting capabilities, due to their client requests. Our list is sorted in order of price and most business oriented web hosting features provided by each host.

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  • Last Update: 24th November 2017
Rank Web Host Price Setup Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Moneyback Speed RATING Score Review
Position 1 $5.95 Free Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free 90-Day
Good 286
Bad 177

Biz Host

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Position 2 $3.95 Special Promo Free Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free Anytime
Good 583
Bad 394

Top Service

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Position 3 $1.99 Special Promo Free Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free Anytime
Good 1155
Bad 1107

Best Overall

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Position 4 $3.15 Special Promo Free Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free Anytime
Good 439
Bad 325

Most Unique

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Position 5 $3.24 Free 100GB 1,000GB 1 Free 30-Day
Good 217
Bad 292

Good Starter

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Rank Web Host Price Setup Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Moneyback Speed RATING Score Review

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About Business Web Hosting...

Sometimes, web sites need the extra attention to e-commerce functionality and 24/7 availability, to ensure valuable customers don't get turned away, due to a poor perfoming web site, or inadequate e-commerce tools. Business specific web hosting providers also usually have a higher level of customer service, such as toll-free 24/7 support and quick ticket response times. Keep in mind however, that all this extra service usually comes at a higher price, due to the added level of expense to the web hosting provider. If you operate a true business oreinted web site however, the added customer service, tech support, account features and overall site stability, should more than make up for the added costs associated with business oriented web hosting services. Remember, the first impression is a lasting impression and your business site should be no different, in terms of page load speed and uptime for potential customers. That said, we have put together a list of web hosts who have proven to us the fact that they are dedicated to providing that extra level of service that business site owners require and deserve.


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Latest Web Hosting Reviews by Users:

Average User Rating:

InMotion Hosting Review

Review by: Ty R. from Internet, 15th March 2013
Your search is over...
     I recommend this host

Inmotionhosting has been our one and only choice for going on 2 years. They have what the others offer but in a better package and better quality. Yea, the price is a little higher but you get more, so it equals out. Really do try them out and you wont look back at all the other cheap hosting companies you tried over the years.

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Average User Rating:

Bluehost Review

Review by: Vince from Chi-town, 7th March 2013
Another +
     I recommend this host

A friend recently setup service with them. They seem to be happy with the plan and what it offers so far. I noticed they had adequate features for the price. Can't really comment on support as I don't think they had to use it yet. If anything maybe the site could run a tad faster?

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Average User Rating:

iPage Review

Review by: Russell from Baltimore, 14th March 2013
Could use more features
     I recommend this host

For bottom dollar hosting they are ok and most small sites will do great with them. However if you have a more resourceful site I think you might be happier with someone else and pay a little more, for the added features and extra bandwidth, etc etc. AKA, you get what you pay for. Same goes for hosting usually.

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Average User Rating:

FatCow Review

Review by: Rocky from new mexico, 15th March 2013
the cow host
     I recommend this host

host for close to a year now with good results. site is usually up and support is fast if through the chat system. recommend

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Average User Rating:

Yahoo Web Hosting Review

Review by: Les from Australia, 11th November 2012
Not good for users outside the USA
     I don’t recommend this host

Support is a problem outside the US. 1-800 numbers don't work and it can be very expensive, often with no resolution. Email responses from support are slow (days) or not at all.

My bank contacted me when someone tried to pass a $1 international transaction on my credit card a typical fraud. I said I had no knowledge of the transaction so they blocked my account and issued me a new card. It was Yahoo processing a fake transaction to satisfy themselves that my cards new expiry date was correct! By doing so they caused my credit card account to be blocked!

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