What’s Your “Talking Domain Name”

Posted: Wednesday July 28th

Many times when a business owner picks a domain for her website, the domain name that is chosen and used is the name of the business that’s already been established, or perhaps the owner’s name is used. However, a person’s name or the name of a business isn’t always memorable nor is it always easy to spell. That’s why I encourage my clients to get a “talking domain name” that they use in publicity efforts, like for radio, TV, or newspaper interviews. So, instead of using the URL of their primary business website, they would instead give a shorter, more easily-remembered domain instead that would point to the owner’s primary website.

How important is this “taking domain name”? I think it’s vital. Which is easier for you to remember, JonesChiropracticCenter.com, or PainBeGone.com? The latter is easier to remember, is easy to spell, and clearly outlines a result that many patients receive at Jones Chiropractic Center. And, now that you can pick up a domain name for as little as $2/year with some registrars, it’s a no-brainer to pick several domain names for your business that you choose to use in different situations for different purposes.

How do you pick a good “talking domain name’? Here are 5 strategies you can use to find the perfect “talking domain name” for your business: (note–the URLs used in the examples below are only examples — I haven’t checked on their availability nor determined if the domain is actually in use.)

1. Problem that your clients have. Do many of your clients share a common problem or difficulty? If you’re an auto body shop, your “talking domain name” might be DentMaster.com, for example. Make a list of problems with which clients commonly approach you and see if a great name emerges from that list.

2. Solution that you offer your clients. What problem or pain do you take away from your clients and help them solve? If you’re a web designer, EasyWebSite.com might work for you, or if you’re a personal chef, QuickMeals.com would do the trick. Start listing the types of solutions that you offer for your clients and see if something catches your imagination.

3, Benefit of working with you. How do clients benefit by working with you — do you help them get results, find more time, make more money? If you’re a Virtual Assistant, you might use FindMoreTime.com. If you install home alarms, SafeHome.com is a great benefit of working with you. Brainstorm your list of benefits that you offer clients and choose an especially compelling one for your “talking domain name”.

4. Description of what you do. If your business name or your primary website name isn’t clear about the service you provide, then use your “talking domain name” to do that for you. For example, I recently spoke with an author whose website reflected the long name of her book — a name that was almost impossible to remember. She was getting ready for some major publicity and I encouraged her to find a shorter, more unique domain name to use during that PR stint. I encouraged her to think about a shorter name that accurately described what she does, and we decided that a domain name that she had already purchased was absolutely perfect for her. So, a domain name like YourDogTrainer.com or AnimalDoctor.com or GraphicDesignExpert.com might do well as your “talking domain name” as well.

5. Outcome or result of working with you. What is the final result that you offer your clients? If you’re a dog trainer, a name like GoodDog.com would be appropriate. If you’re a real estate agent, you might use YourNewHome.com. A money coach might use MoreMoney.com. Write down 2-3 final outcomes that your clients gain by working with you and determine if any of them would make an appealing domain name.

Just because you might have a long business name or use your given name as your business name doesn’t mean that you have to use either of those names when you tell others what you do. Pick a domain name that is shorter yet memorable that you can use with great success in your publicity efforts.

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