How to Easily Install Joomla

Posted: Saturday July 10th

Joomla is an effective content management system. What is a content management system? It is otherwise called as CMS and is a software, when installed, builds and manages your website to nicety. Joomla is an open source and is free.

Joomla comes in a compressed file at the time you download it. After unzipping it, the files have to be saved to a directory on your web server. Once the files are saved to a directory, create a database that is not a hard affair. Name your database. Get access to the database by creating username and password using the phpMyAdmin program that comes with Joomla. Most web hosting companies also use the phpMyAdmin program.

Select the language for your administration section first. A pre-installation check at this juncture ensures that your server accepts Joomla content management system. You have to agree with Joomla’s license-terms. You may now enter the information regarding database type and host name.

Select your admin email and password after choosing the name of your site. Make use of the option of installing the sample data at this juncture. Administrative username admin is given by you that can be changed after logging in of course. Delete the folder by name installation from the primary directory. Put Joomla content management system to good and maximum use by navigating to your primary directory in your browser.

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