Choosing an Email Hosting Service – What to Consider

Posted: Monday May 9th

Everyone needs email, as a means of communication it is a modern day necessity. And while it is tempting to look only at free options for mail email hosting, there are other things to be taken into account before choosing between paid email hosting services and free webmail options.
Before deciding to go with a free or webmail hosting service, users should be aware of possible pitfalls of these systems. For example, most free email hosting services are funded through other means such as advertising revenue which means providers need to bombard users with promotional messages during the time that they spend accessing their email accounts. For users this can be distracting and frustrating as popups and other advertising formats interfere with their own interaction with their email account. With a paid for email hosting service, the subscriptions paid by users will fund their accounts meaning that screen clutter is kept to a minimum, allowing users to access their email with ease.

Another issue with free webmail email hosting is storage. While a small inbox facility may be fine for those who simply wish to exchange a few words with friends or acquaintance, or use an email account simply as a repository for spam resulting from supplying contact details online for surveys, offer or competitions, for anyone who needs to receive documents, pictures and more free email accounts can soon become clogged meaning that messages sent to them bounce back to the sender, risking the possibility of webmail users missing out on important communications.

The final issue associated with the use of a free webmail service is privacy. Recently controversy arose over the revelation that some webmail providers were effectively scanning the contents of their users’ communications. Many subscription email hosting services will provide a privacy guarantee to their customers.

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